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Entail Global is a leading contributor in the import and export sector, focusing on comprehensive transport and supply chain solutions at a global level. Our core objective is to offer efficient and cost-effective services that ensure the safe delivery of cargo to its designated location. We prioritize integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction, along with sustainable operations that help deliver unparalleled service through our dedicated team of professionals.

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Looking for top import and export solutions? Look no further than Entail Global. Our expertise will save you money on international trade—we guarantee it! From perishable goods to pharmaceuticals, our specialists are seasoned in handling all kinds of shipments.

We’ve got the entire globe covered; that’s how extensive our reach is. Whether it’s a city or a major metropolitan area, we’ll transport your goods safely and swiftly across any international border. We excel at efficiently and economically navigating international trade – because we do it better than anyone else!

We’re not just another ordinary import-export firm; consider us your strategic partner for expanding your global presence. Trust us, when you choose to collaborate with Entail Global, the possibilities are endless

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 air transportation

Leverage the speed and efficiency of air transportation with our comprehensive air freight solutions. Whether you need express deliveries or seamless global distribution, our experienced team ensures your cargo reaches its destination promptly and securely, minimising transit times and maximising cost-effectiveness.

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 air transportation

Our sea freight forwarding solutions offer the perfect solution for cost-effective and reliable international shipping. We strategically consolidate and route your cargo, optimising transit times while providing exceptional value. With a global network of trusted partners, we ensure your shipments are handled carefully throughout their maritime journey.

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Navigate complex customs regulations with ease. Our dedicated customs clearance team stays up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations, ensuring your shipments clear customs smoothly and without delays. We handle all documentation, paperwork, and necessary procedures, allowing you to focus on your core business operations.

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Maximise efficiency and cost savings with our Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) reliable freight services. For large shipments, FCL offers the convenience of dedicated container transportation, while LCL consolidates smaller shipments, providing flexibility and affordability. Our experts optimise container utilisation and streamline the process for your convenience.

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Industries Served

Food Products
Special handling and temperature control for products that can go bad. Quick custom clearances for fast imports and exports.

FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)
Get your goods to consumers fast. With a priority on product care and handling in the import and export.

Cold import and export to keep medical products safe. Fast custom clearances so transportation is seamless.

Move raw materials or finished garments safely with air and sea freight options. Custom clearing makes border crossing easy.

Keep people safe by moving dangerous chemicals compliantly. Mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance throughout the supply chain.

Help boost your automotive business by getting parts to you faster. Fast clearance and multimodal transportation make it easy for you to focus on other things.

Plastics and Plastic Products
Custom import and export solutions for plastics industry needs. Quick and safe import-export is needed to get your product there for profit.

Transport all kinds of furniture easily with tailored solutions so importing is a breeze.

Your Trust, Our Quality: The Entail Global Promise

Why Choose Us?

Being a leading international import and export company is something we at Entail Global take great pride in. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction and a dedication to quality, we work hard to deliver the best import-export services catered to your unique needs.


Our fundamental beliefs are rooted in transparency. Providing our clients with regular updates on procedures and formalities, guaranteeing intact import-export of items, encouraging trust and accountability, and keeping them fully informed are our top priorities.

Best Service

Our unwavering commitment is to provide outstanding service. By customizing our solutions to each individual customer's needs, we aim to go above and beyond expectations and leave a flawless legacy.


Cost-effectiveness and efficiency come first, but safety should never be compromised. Our distribution network and regional and local warehousing services are carefully planned to maximize operational effectiveness while adhering to the strictest safety protocols

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